How to Style the Ilfracombe Cotton Top

Summer is coming and so is your new summer wardrobe. You have browsed the web, trawled store after store and flipped through many a magazine. Finally, you find the perfect summer top, and you have your heart set on it. So, now it’s just the simple task of deciding what to wear with it.

Introducing the Ilfracombe Cotton Top…

The fabulous Ilfracombe cotton top is the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe – light, comfortable and flattering, made from breathable lightweight cotton for added comfort. It’s available in five different colours, so that you can choose a tone that suits and flatters your complexion,

…And What To Wear With It!

Jeans are a great combo with this stylish top, but on hot days it is great to have an alternative for a cooler feel, preferably one that is able to complement your flowing Ilfracombe well. Leggings have become a great item of clothing in recent years, perfect for when it is too warm for heavier trousers and too cold for just a skirt. They are the perfect trouser-like item of clothing for those coming summer days that bring warmth and sunny rays, perfect for a family day out! For that light, bright, summer feel a white pair would be perfect with any of the various styles of Ilfracombe tops that we have on offer here at Kit and Kaboodal.


There is a world of accessories out there to complete your brand new outfit. But, the Ilfracombe top is a statement in itself and too many accessories might detract from it. A simple, but elegant, accessory such as a no-fuss banded necklace is just the right type of jewellery to make this outfit pop! Simple accessories are also great for summer walks, barbecues and days out with the kids as they’re understated and not too over the top for everyday life with your family.


This is the perfect summer outfit so far, so you need a summer hairstyle to go along with it. A casual top-knot, loose curls or even the classic ponytail are three typical summer styles that would really compliment this look well. Typically a hair-style that keeps you cool in summer is the desired effect, so up and out of the way is the type of hair you might desire, perfect too for busy days where the least of your worries should be an errant strand of hair.

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