We all feel very grateful for where we live

We all feel very grateful for where we live, North Yorkshire is very beautiful but we also love to travel the country for the shows.

Every year at Kit and Kaboodal’s head office we start the year deciding carefully where we should go, some shows are a “given” as we have visited them year after year but we always feel we should also visit new places. So as usual we end up with even more venues than ever to visit and show our ladies our beautiful range of Made in Italy clothing.

So with our largest unit already on the road having battled every weather element imaginable, strangely even sunshine, its not long before “Team Winging It” as they actually named themselves, very aptly, hit the road. Closely followed by the Newbies in June.

We are everywhere this year so please try and pop and see us as its so nice to see our ladies wherever we are, simply check our “Show Diary” online to see when we are near you. Back at Kit and Kaboodal head office we are busy welcoming more and more new summer lines in then busy with our lovely model Jackie trying to model as much as we can in the time she has available, Jackie is a busy mobile hairdresser and very kindly models for us when she can, so we normally ply her with black coffee and a bar of chocolate to get her with us as long as possible.

We also have Linda who has overnight become an Internet sensation with “how to wear the artist tunic”, she has let us know that Kate Moss’s agent has been in contact!! We all had such fun trying to make that short video and laughed so much, we will endeavor to do more if we can remain________ for long enough. Both Linda and Jackie will be helping to man the stands at some of our shows this year, as they say “don’t give up the day job”.

We are still very busy with a Kit and Kaboodal clothing collection, a few pieces to layer together, but it feels as if we are pulling teeth at the moment, maybe we are speaking a language designers don’t understand, that must be it, but we will persevere as we want it to be exactly as we know all you ladies will love not what we are being palmed off with. Watch this space.

Here’s to a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces on our tour of Britain. xx