Our Look Book Has Landed

This week you may have been lucky enough to recieve a Kit and Kaboodal Summer ’19 Look Book through your door! This is the first printed look book we have ever created and we are so excited to see it being delivered to more than 30,000 people!

The creation of the look book was a whole new experience for our team, and it’s definitely been a learning curve. We started with a photoshoot early in the season where we planned and created looks from best selling items as well as new season arrivals. This was a lengthy process where we documented and took styling shots of each look before preparing and steaming the garments for the day. The shoot took place at the stunning location of Newburgh Priory and with our photographer, make-up artist, models and plenty of behind the scenes helpers we captured some beautiful shots in the spring sunshine.

After the photoshoot we picked out favourite shots and started to plan the look book content. Company directors sat down with the creative team and planned the order of the book and started designing each individual page. The page images were gathered, extra studio shots were taken and the copy was written. Zoom forward and weeks later and our first draft of the look book was complete. We made a few tweaks before the final draft was complete and ready to send to the printers.

Once the print run was complete the look book was sent out to a huge directory of people and finally landed with everyone last Friday! We received a few copies here at Kit and Kaboodal HQ and we couldn’t be more delighted with our first book. We think it captures the Kit and Kaboodal brand brilliantly and shows our commitment to providing a collection of affordable, stylish and versatile women’s clothing. We are so excited to launch this book and we hope you enjoy flicking through the pages too!

If you received the look book and want to hear more from us then make sure you sign up to all our news by entering your email in the sign up section at the bottom of our homepage here: https://www.kitandkaboodal.co.uk/ .

If you didn’t receive the look book in the post you don’t have to miss out! Follow the link below and you can flick through the look book pages online.


Don’t forget, our customer services team is here Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 to help you with any questions, complete orders over the phone or anything else you might need help with. So if you’ve seen a style you love in the book, give us a call on 01423 325725 and our team will be delighted to help you out.

Lots of love,

Kit and Kaboodal


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