Our Top Tips To Stay Busy Whilst Staying Home

I don’t think we ever expected to be writing a blog about how to keep busy during a global pandemic, but here we are! A few weeks ago our team were working away in the Kit and Kaboodal offices and warehouse, but now we just have our core team working in isolation keeping things business as usual and as safe as possible at Kit and Kaboodal (If you want to find out more about our safety procedures and our new extended returns period during the Covid-19 outbreak just click here to read more).

Despite these difficult times we have managed to stay smiling and that is partly down to our wonderful customers! You have all been supporting us with many orders, big and small, to keep things ticking over as per usual. So thank you for staying loyal and keeping us busy, but also thank you for your patience and understanding, we really do appreciate it and that can be hard to show sometimes when you are an online company.

You’ve also kept us smiling in other ways, and we hope we’ve made you smile too! From chats with our team on the phone, to funny posts in our members club, to supportive chats between many online, you have helped keep our spirits up during these strange times, and that’s really important at the moment!

Whilst we were thinking about staying positive during isolation, we were wondering what else we can do to stay cheery, on track and routined. So, we came up with a list of things to do make this time as fun and productive as possible. Without further ado, here’s our list… we hope it helps!

Take Some Time To Yourself

It might sound obvious, but if you’re anything like us, we don’t know how to stop, how to stay still and how to just take a bit of time out. Even when we take our annual leave we cram it with flights here and DIY there, we rarely just sit back and concentrate on ourselves. So whether you give yourself five minutes or an hour everyday, it’s good to take some time. You could sit in the garden, take a long bath, zone out with your favourite TV series, exercise or meditate. Whatever you choose to do, it’s your choice and it’s your time – just make sure you do it!

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Get Creative

Instead of focusing on screens all day long, why don’t you get creative? Paint, draw, decorate and design to your hearts content. Just tap into your skill set and have fun creating something new. Once you’ve got a finished product it’s so rewarding, and you feel like you’ve done something useful with your time. Struggle for inpiration? Don’t worry, lots of artists, designers and bloggers have been holding special art events that you can enjoy tapping into too, just search on social media for your favourites and you’re sure to discover something fun. Who knows, you might discover a new talent and become the next Hockney?

Chef It Up

We’ve also been having fun in the kitchen these past few weeks! We don’t know about you, but evenings seem so long now you don’t have all that travel time back from work. So why don’t you make something of all this spare time and brush up on your chef skills by trying a new recipe. Enjoy planning and cooking meals then play with presentation and serving styles. You could have themed food nights or even dress up for certain occassions. Just because we’re staying in, it doesn’t mean we can’t have date nights!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Organise Everything

So is it just us, or have you discovered that you own three basic sweats in navy? Yes, we thought so! The thought of organising your wardrobe might give you a bit of a headache, but we promise you that once it is done you’ll be over the moon! You’ll discover old favourites, get new styling ideas and you might even have a mini trying on session of all your new ‘back of the closet’ favourites. Once you’ve completed the wardrobe why not move on to other rooms and tackle those cupboards and drawers. Organise your beauty products, declutter the kitchen, rearrange the garden shed, you name it, just do it. Warning though, once you start you just won’t stop!

Photo by heather mckean on Unsplash

Build A New Routine

One thing our team have been really missing is structure to their day. It’s so easy to lounge about in your pj’s until 11am and then microwave some leftovers for lunch and binge on TV all afternoon. Let’s face it, without structure we can sometimes become a bit lazy. One thing you can do to battle the loafing bug is add some structure to your day. You could choose to create a timetable or simply a daily list, but by giving yourself some tasks everyday to complete you’ll have something to focus on. Who knows, by lunchtime you could of cleaned the entire house and done your daily exercise, rather than having just rolled out of bed.

Get Those Endorphins Going

Nothing keeps your mindset more positive than a daily dose of exercise. You could find a class to take part in online, you could stick on an old fitness DVD or you could do your own thing! Whether it’s yoga, dance, running, walking or HIIT training, there is something for everyone that can be done anywhere. So let’s get moving and let’s get happy!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Connect With Your Friends And Family

Although we sometimes get sick of social media and we blame it for lots of negativity in our lives, at times like these we’ve never been more thankful for it. From apps like Houseparty and Zoom, to simple emails and texts, there’s loads of ways to keep in touch without meeting face to face. Our team have been celebrating birthdays, having group quizzes, holding wine tasting nights and more through video calls. It’s great fun, good for your mental health and well worth trying out to avoid feeling lonely!

And the list could go on and on… we hope some of these ideas have inspired you and got you thinking of new ways to get through isolation. If you get a bit lost just think of something you enjoy and do it! Use this surreal time as an excuse to tap into your favourite things and most importantly have some fun. Don’t punish yourself if you don’t achieve everything you thought you could do with this time, just applaud yourself for what you have done!

If you get really fed up, just give us a call or message, we’re always around for some fun and laughter. We’d love to see how you’re passing the time and to know what top tips you have, so don’t forget to share them online. Follow our social media for daily doses of fun and share your daily tasks with us!

Stay safe and stay stylish…

Lots of love,

Kit and Kaboodal


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