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A Gift Guide to Mother’s Day!

Do we ever really need a reason to treat our mums? We don’t really think so, our mums are our rocks and look after us even before day one on planet earth! All that said, it’s great to have a special day to thank them for everything they do and keep on doing! Here at Kit and Kaboodal we have taken the time to give you a few gift ideas if you are lacking inspiration. We believe that accessories are always a great way to go for presents, you avoid... Read More


Kit and Kaboodal Open Weekends 2018

IT’S OFFICIALLY TIME TO LAUNCH OUR 2018 OPEN WEEKENDS! As many of you lovely customers may already know, last year we opened the doors of our warehouse to the the public once a month for you to shop until you drop! These opens days were such a success that we just had to bring them back for 2018, we can’t have anybody being disappointed can we? The only difference is this year we are making them open WEEKENDS,  these will occur once for every season and we will showcase our... Read More


What Is Lagenlook?

At Kit and Kaboodal, we’re all about the Lagenlook! So why not take a look at our Lagenlook Clothing to find your next wardrobe essential! Literally translated to mean ‘layering look’ this European clothing style is designed to suit everyone and is ideal for those looking to put their own stamp on their fashion choice. Lagenlook is centred on the ideal of expression, pairing clothes and statement accessories to create unique looks that work perfectly for all body types. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the common... Read More


Win your Mum a Makeover 2018!

With Mother’s day looming we thought we would share a post about our HUGE giveaway with STRAY FM this Mother’s Day! We are giving away a fashion makeover worth over £500 to one very special mummy. All you have to do is nominate your loved one and they could win this amazing prize! This massive prize includes a £500 wardrobe with Kit and Kaboodal where you can visit out warehouse in Roecliffe and handpick clothes and more with advice from our personal stylist. We have also paired up with Urban... Read More


A Very Kit and Kaboodal Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, or should we say the wear! Here at Kit and Kaboodal our main aim is to keep you looking beautiful all day, every day but we think Valentine’s Day definitely needs some extra attention to make sure you look date ready! We have been inspired by our New Season Accessories to give you a style that’s perfect for Valentine’s. These pieces will make sure you have a look to fall in love with, plus these pieces are so versatile that you can wear them again... Read More


A Very Kit and Kaboodal Pancake Day!

So, we don’t know about you but Pancake Day is a pretty big deal to all of us at Kit and Kaboodal. After spending all of January not drinking, not eating anything naughty and basically just being little Angels when it comes to avoiding anything ‘BAD’, Pancake Day is time to break the rules and treat yourself! So here is a little blog post about that awesome day. We’ve been looking into the history of Pancake Day and thought we would share some of our favourite facts of this flippin’... Read More


We Made Your Clothes!

Our own label, Made With Love has started to arrive from India. Have a read about how it all happened. We first visited India several years ago, were we met Shibu and Chadran, both tailors and brothers, in the beautiful South Indian beach town of Kovalam, in Kerala. The locals call this part of the country ‘Gods Own Country’, a deserving label for such a beautiful part of the world. From small acorns grew greater things…. It all began when I asked Shibu if he would be able to make... Read More


How to Style the Ilfracombe Cotton Top

Summer is coming and so is your new summer wardrobe. You have browsed the web, trawled store after store and flipped through many a magazine. Finally, you find the perfect summer top, and you have your heart set on it. So, now it’s just the simple task of deciding what to wear with it. Introducing the Ilfracombe Cotton Top… The fabulous Ilfracombe cotton top is the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe – light, comfortable and flattering, made from breathable lightweight cotton for added comfort. It’s available in five different... Read More


The Importance of Winter Layers

Have you ever found yourself, during the winter months, putting aside your fancy tops, dresses and trousers, and opting for the more comfy woolly jumper? You might have opted to embrace your Christmas jumper but that doesn’t mean you need to surround yourself with Christmas trees and snowmen designs. While the Christmas jumper is brilliant for the run up to the festive holiday (and even on the day) you don’t need to wear it throughout winter in order to keep yourself warm. Layering up can be both stylish and practical!... Read More


Practical Fashion: What Does it Mean?

Dressing fashionably and comfortably is something that people all over the world have been striving for for a very long time, but is it really as difficult as it seems? When we see fashion shows on our TV screens, it’s often easy to see why many people believe that being fashionable means sacrificing practicality, especially in tight fitting clothes and uncomfortable looking shoes. However, here at Kit and Kaboodal, we think that it is possible to dress fashionably and still be practical at the same time. So, what does practical... Read More