Travelling Down Under

At the end of last year, company directors Helen and John travelled to the sunny side of the world for a family wedding. They enjoyed all the sights Sydney had to offer and travelled to many areas of Australia before taking the opportunity to visit one of our International wholesalers, Willow & Fli… So let’s hear about what they got up to!


Having hired a car and checked the map, Gunnedah, home of Willow & Fli, seemed but a short drive away from our base near Newcastle, New South Wales. We grabbed some coffee, put the Simon and Garfunkel CD on and hit the road. It soon became apparent that we had misjudged the length of time it would take, oh owh! We hit road works, had a Random Breath Test(only kidding!) and were stuck behind some of the biggest machinery we had ever seen on the road – at least it wasn’t a boring trip!

At 2.00pm we finally reached Gunnedah, a town billed as the ‘Capital of the Koala Bears’! Having parked the car and rehydrated, we set off in search of Willow & Fli and owner, Tracie Finlay. After a short walk through the town we came across the shop. We were  immediately impressed by the a delightful façade and, after entering, were blown away by the presentation of clothes, homeware, gifts, shoes and accessories. You could see how much pride Tracie and all her team take and we were so happy to see our stock in such a beautiful shop. It is a credit to all involved.

We made ourselves known to the staff who called Tracie through to meet us. Due to a misunderstanding she had not expected us to visit on that day and was subsequently in shock that we were there. “I can’t believe you’re here” she kept saying! We enjoyed talking about Australia, the business, and of course getting the chance to finally meet Tracie face-to-face. 

After grabbing a quick sandwich and coffee for lunch we went back to the shop to meet Tracie’s sister and the rest of the team. They are such a great crew and we had a really lovely time chatting with them all, and distracting them from their work!

After asking Tracie about how our collection is selling, she explained to us that the reason she imports Kit and Kaboodal clothing from the other side of the world is that the quality is far better than anything else she has seen, and the styles are more unique and relevant than anything else available – head and shoulders above the competition. Because of this her shop stands out from the crowd for loyal customers and other people seeking individual style. We were delighted to hear how well our brand is selling and how all the styles are still so fashionable on the other side of the world.

Learning more about Gunnedah, Tracie also told us that the area was suffering the worst drought in five generations and many, many people were struggling to make ends meet. Tracie, being a well known face in the local community due to Willow and Fli, was organizing charity events and even food parcels to help those affected. We were so moved we wanted to support Tracie in her fundraising so made a donation to help.

Before we knew it, it was time for us to head back and for the Willow and Fli team to get back to work. We got ready to leave but not before getting a few pictures…














It sounds like John and Helen had a great time visiting Tracie and the fantastic team at Willow and Fli. Don’t forget when you are visiting the other side of the world to make sure you visit Gunnedah for your Kit and Kaboodal fix! I’m sure if you mention that you’re a Kit and Kaboodal fan that they will look after you just as brilliantly as they did John and Helen!


Kit and Kaboodal


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