Great excitement here at Kit and Kaboodal HQ !


Our own label, Made With Love has started to arrive from India. Have a read about how it all happened.


We first visited India several years ago, were we met Shibu and Chadran, both tailors and brothers, in the beautiful South Indian beach town of Kovalam, in Kerala. The locals call this part of the country ‘Gods Own Country’, a deserving label for such a beautiful part of the world.


From small acorns grew greater things….


It all began when I asked Shibu if he would be able to make me a pair of linen trousers to which he happily and skilfully did. I was impressed by his efficiency and by the fact that he could not do enough to ensure that they were just what I wanted.


The brothers where curious to know what we did for a living, we explained that we sold Italian linen clothing and that we were interested in creating our very own line of linen clothing. Shibu, knowing a golden business opportunity when he saw one, was keen to know if they, as a family run tailor of many years, could help us make our vision become a reality.  From this initial discussion we have worked very closely with Shibu and his family to create our small capsule collection.


Sourcing our fabrics meant a visit to Bangalore which involved an hours plane journey. We asked Shibu and Chadran if they would like to accompany us to impart their local knowledge and to be involved in the buying process - after all they were the ones who would be working with the material.  The brothers agreed and the very next day, they embarked on their very first plane journey. Fortunately there was little turbulence but the brothers weren’t quite convinced that looking out of the window wouldn’t cause the plane to tip up and go into a tailspin.


From the peaceful tranquillity of Kerala to the bustling backstreets of Bangalore, it was time to go shopping Indian style.  Once we had tackled a rickety ladder (no health and safety at work nonsense here) and we were confronted with roll upon roll of linen in every possible colour as far as the eye could see.  We were so spoilt for choice but eventually after hours and hours of deliberation, colours  were eventually decided upon. We then headed back to the airport to fly back down to Kerala where the brothers were now keen to look out of the window without the fear of crashing.


The fabric was then transported via lorries a couple of weeks later.


Since November, Shibu and his team have been beavering away to help make our dreams become a reality. We hope you like our collection as much as we do, the brothers are eagerly awaiting feed back as they are so proud of all their hard work.  We are really excited to continue a long and fruitful relationship with our wonderful colleagues in India.