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Whatever your shape or size, here at Kit and Kaboodal we know that it can often be a difficult task finding the clothing that best flatters every figure. Our ethos has always centred around having fun with fashion and finding the pieces that make our customers both look and feel their best. One thing that helps when it comes to navigating both in-person and online shopping is to have an idea of our different body types, as this helps to give us an idea of our best features and how to draw focus to them.

We've given you the low-down on the pear-shape body, so today we're looking at another classic silhouette: the apple body shape. So, what is an apple body shape?

Apple bodies are characterised as having comparatively broader shoulders than their hips, with a larger bust and waist compared to their proportionally slimmer legs. If you tend to carry weight most around your midriff, don’t have a well-defined waist but boast slim hips and legs, you’re likely an apple shape. If this sounds like you to a T, we’ve created a guide for choosing apple body shape clothes, including how to dress a plus size apple body shape.


When it comes to what clothes to wear for an apple shape, there are several key tips to keep in mind. As apple-shaped ladies carry their weight around their middle and have broader shoulders, the main goal when picking out outfits is to even out your proportions by drawing the eye to either your decolletage or enviable legs instead. Some easy dressing tips include:

  • Choosing V-neck tops and dresses
  • Opting for A-line fits
  • Avoiding halter-necks and shoulder-baring tops
  • Finding flattering, floaty tunics
  • Avoiding clingy materials in favour of relaxed fits

Following these general tips will help you pick out what are slimming clothes for apple shapes and which will help you feel the most confident in your outfit. They all apply when thinking about how to dress a plus size apple body shape, too.

Dresses for Apple Shapes

Find choosing the right dress to fit and flatter your figure a minefield? Whether you’re updating your casual wardrobe or trying to find the perfect partywear for a special occasion, choosing the right cut is key to feeling confident in your choice.

So, what are the best dresses for the apple shape?

While you may be tempted to cover your body with loose garments in the hope to hide and lumps or bumps, in most cases, this can actually be counterproductive and can simply make you look larger. Instead, try opting for one of the following, which make ideal dresses for apple shapes:

  • Swing style dresses

As swing dresses are designed to skim over your stomach and flare out to the hem, they can help draw the eye away from the tummy and towards your slender legs.

  • Skater dresses 

A skater dress is the queen of illusion. This classic style is a favourite when it comes to dresses for apple shapes, as the flattering flare out design gives you a nipped-in waist and provides the impression of an hourglass silhouette. 

  • Full-skirted & flared dresses 

 Similarly, dresses that feature a full or exaggerated flared skirt are also great dresses for apple shapes, as they help to balance out your shoulders by drawing focus to the lower half of the body. 

  • Wrap dresses 

 Wrap dresses are another winner for apples, as they can draw attention to your neck and elegant decolletage. They’re also perfect for accentuating your bust while discreetly hiding any bumps at your waistline. 

  • Structured shift dresses 

And finally, a classic ‘60s-style shift dress can also be a winning option, as the shape skims past your waistline while highlighting your slimmer legs. To avoid material clinging around your middle, try opting for a more structured material such as linen for this style.

Tops for Apple Shapes

Choosing a top for your apple shape figure can be surprisingly easy, although picking a substantial fabric that will streamline your look from bust through to your hips is essential. Fabrics such as jersey and cotton can sometimes cling to the skin in an unflattering manner -- instead, more structured, billowy fabrics such as linen are ideal for apples.

In terms of styles to opt for, the best tops for apple shapes follow the same rules as dresses for the apple shape. V-neck tops can be an excellent choice to help elongate the neck and, working in a similar way, wrap tops can be extremely flattering too. Additionally, look for tops that highlight your body at the slimmest point, which is usually directly underneath your bust.

Top detailing can also make a big difference to apple-shaped ladies. Look out for tops or T-shirts with a ruched or twisted front, as this simple trick can work wonders for cleverly concealing your stomach.

Jeans for Apple Shapes

If you have an apple body type, choosing the right pair of jeans can help to minimise your middle and show off your slimmer hips, while balancing your body's proportions. Often, the main issue for apples is finding jeans that fit both your slim legs and proportionally bigger waist, but we’ve got some tips to help.

Can apple shapes wear skinny jeans? The answer is yes!

You don’t have to avoid skinny jeans if your body is apple-shaped. Skinny jeans are typically cut to hug the legs tightly and will show off your slim legs and narrower hips, which are some of an apple’s best assets. However, when choosing skinny jeans as an apple shape, opt for ones with a  high elastic mix in the fabric content for a more comfortable fit around your middle. A winning look for apple shapes is pairing skinny jeans with a tunic or relaxed shirt, as this will both highlight your legs while helping conceal your middle section.

While skinny jeans are a winner, apple shapes should try to avoid wide-leg jeans or anything too baggy, because this will hide your slimmest area and conceal one of your best features.

Whichever style of jean you opt for, apple shapes need to pay particular attention to the rise of the jeans and where the waistband hits your midsection. A low-rise jean will only highlight your stomach, while a high-rise jean can also accentuate your tummy, rather than conceal it. Instead, a mid-rise jean that sits right across your navel or slightly below it provides a smooth waistline. 

When it comes to fit, these jeans should be snug enough to give you shape, but shouldn’t squeeze you too tightly. If you find jeans dig in when you sit down, try opting for an elasticated waistband. The same rules apply to trousers!

Now you know what clothes to wear for an apple shape, you can easily pick out the outfits that will flatter your figure and ensure you feel confident in any situation. From the perfect tops to jeans and dresses for apple shapes, we’ve got a variety of different options for all our customers. Check out our blog How to Dress For Your Shape for more tips and explore our top outfits for apples below.